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The Zesty Nest


About Me

I could sit here and tell you all about where I was raised and what my passions are. But lets be honest! You don't care! 

So lets hit the main points about me and why I've made the decesion to start my blog journey....

I'm a mother to a 4 month old baby boy, a step mother to an 11 year old girl, and a soon to be wife to my best friend! 

I always wanted children but I never thought I'd be the type to stay at home. I have a entreuprenuer spirit and I love the challenge of work.

However, once my son was born I knew I couldn't leave his side. My reasons are simple:

1. I don't trust anyone.
2. I want to be the one to comfort him, teach him, and raise him.

There is nothing more important to me in this world. 

Enough with the cheese!!

Being a mom is the hardest, dirtiest, and most exhausting job I've ever had!

Being a step mother to an 11 year old has by far been the biggest challenge of my life. 

So that brings us here! 

My blog posts are honest posts about everything I have personally expereinced embarking on my journey as a new mother and step mother. 

But it wont end there. 

I love food (maybe a bit too much)! So I will share recipes and all my interests about food as well as where it comes from. We will discuss healthy eating and surgary sweets!

 After all, life is about balance! 

The great part is that my journey does not start or end with this blog.

We also have an online store where we have Mommy and Baby merchandise! From Shirts and mugs to natural teething and diaper creams. ​

Read my posts, watch my videos, try my recipes and rock our mommy Tees!!

I'm all about embracing my journey as a mother and sharing the joys as wells as the ugly truths with all of you!